Laser cutting Waterjet Cutting Sheet metal bending work Punching work Powder painting GASKETING Production of metal structures
  •  Black, stainless steel and galvanized
  •  Aluminum
  •  Brass
  •  Titan
  •  Copper

  • A universal method for metal cutting
  • High performance
  • Economy
  • Ecology


  • The use of CNC press brakes
  • High precision manufacturing
  • Adjustability of the process at any stage
  • Any complexity details

  • Cutting down hole
  • Forming
  • Stamping

  • The high strength of the coating
  •  Not spreadability
  • A wide range of colors
  • Economy


  • Protect from moisture, dust and dirt
  • The possibility of applying for a complex path



  • Corps of switch equipment
  • Archival and cantilever rack
  • Shop equipment
  • Fire doors and more
  • Ventilated facades

Machinery equipment

The company tracks global trends and buys only the best machines and installations on metal laser cutting, waterjet cutting, powder coating, metal bending

Prices for services

The cost for the services of laser cutting, waterjet cutting, bending metal, breakdown work, powder coating, gasketing, manufacturing of metal

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Welcome to the website of the company " PROMEX " providing services of metal in St. Petersburg , Moscow, Yekaterinburg , and in all the cities of Russia and CIS . Company " PROMEX " was founded in 2002 and in the intervening period has successfully completed a huge number of orders for the production of various metal products . We are now actively cooperate with almost all the leading enterprises of St. Petersburg and North -West region, whose sphere of activity is associated with the manufacture of products from metals and alloys.

Our service includes: laser cutting, waterjet cutting, bending work , perforating operation , powder coating , gasketing, metal fabrication .

Our prices for laser cutting of metal is lower than in other enterprises of St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia .

Our company specializes in the manufacture of parts and components for industries:

  • shop equipment
  • shipbuilding
  • special equipment
  • defense industry
  • food Equipment
  • ventilation
  • protections
  • machine-tool construction
  • refrigeration Equipment
  • steel structures
  • construction
  • industrial Filters
  • electrical engineering
  • fasteners
  • lighting engineering
  • road Construction
  • heavy engineering
  • processing plants

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