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Coordinate the work breakdown

Punching means cutting holes in metal sheets, molding and blanking making holes of required diameter. The size and shape of the holes may vary. This kind of works makes it possible to produce parts of various complexity.

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Work carried out with the use of special coordinate punch presses, which are able to perform:

  • cutting
  • punching
  • perforation
  • sheet metal blanking

Also, these machines are the most reliable and productive tools when working with metal. Punching work can make the most complex details.

Coordinate punch presses with computer numerical control (CNC) used by PROMEX have high performance and maximum operation precisions, allowing us to make details with lots of different holes very quickly. The sheet is moving at high speed, due to the high accuracy of the slide way. The maximum number of strokes is 600-1200 strokes / min. Desktop – 3000x1500 mm. The maximum sheet thickness - 6.4 mm.

Our coordinate punching machines guarantee fast and qualitative cutting of metal. Our experts use multitask punch presses for production of trellises, fences, furniture, advertising structures, racks, cabinets, etc. We use the advanced equipment, which allows to automate almost completely the workflow to ensure the accuracy of the transactions. We use punching machines, complying with all European standards. We purchase only the equipment o0f highest quality.

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