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Powder painting of metal

Камера порошковой покраски Gema Powder painting of metal is a unique environmentally friendly technology of applying decorative and protective coatings. It provides high quality staining and characterized by a number of advantages over usual liquid paint colors. Powder painting guarantees a high output and provides a highly durable, heat-, moisture-and cold-resistant, durable and attractive coating material being sprayed with no smudges and streaks.

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Appearing in the 60 years of the twentieth century, powder coating and dyeing of this kind have very quickly gained popularity due to its cost, durability and environmental friendliness.

The main advantages of powder coating are:

  • high durability and excellent protective qualities.

Powder coatings are highly resistant to various chemicals, gasoline, salt, high and low temperatures, UV radiation, abrasion. Furthermore, powder coatings have high impact resistance;

  • the possibility of applying thick and thin layers without streaks, bleeding, and no need for priming to guarantee protection from the hidden corners and edges;
  • a wide range of colors and a variety of decorative effects;
  • cost-effectiveness and the ability to reuse the coloring material (recuperation).

Usually powder painting performed on an industrial scale in the production of metal goods and consists of several steps, such as surface preparation and priming, applying powder coating itself, curing, and recovery.

Given the strength and durability of powder coatings, this dyeing technique is suitable for use on forged, aluminum and galvanized surfaces, which are used in construction, agricultural machinery, instrument and motor industries, architecture, manufacturing and electronics.

Our company offers services of powder coating for a wide range of products using the Italian coating powder line system with automatic control TAISS. Five-phase surface preparation for painting using the latest converse phosphate-free NT-1 coating provides excellent adhesion, corrosion resistance and durability of the coating (over 30 years)

Automatic paint booth with 12 spray guns, made by Swiss company Gema allows to change the color in just 10 minutes. Dimensions are 2500х2500х800mm.

Conveyor speed: 2.2 m / min.

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