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Sheet metal bending work

Over 10 years «PROMEX» company has been providing bending services. Sheet-bending works are needed to change the shape of the metal sheet and give it necessary sizes. Using advanced equipment for bending sheet metal, it is possible to get constructions and details of the various areas, for example, roofing components, moldings, cylinders and more. With a wide range of application-bending work are commonly used in construction, engineering, mechanical engineering and other industries.

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For bending metal we use the latest automated equipment with computer numerical control. Reducing human error to a minimum, the work is done with the utmost precision, thereby reducing the cost of service. That is why the price for bending sheet metal is significantly reduced. Due to the high rate of bending metal, orders are executed as soon as possible.

Talking about bending machines, we should look through its basic types. So, TrumpfTruBend 5130 uses a new concept of creating pressure on the sheet metal, which ensures maximum flatness and smoothness of the resulting products. The high efficiency of this equipment is the fact that the used technology is patented.

Bending of sheet metal with the TrumpfTruBend 7036 is suitable for the manufacture of small parts of assemblies and items, due to optimization of the processing of complex bending and increasing its performance.

In turn, the bending machine TrumpfTrumaBend v85 features high capacity and the ability to manufacture parts with very different characteristics. Also a modified version of this sheet bending machine is used - TrumpfTrumaBend v85sx, which differs advanced functionality.

Moving up to date, our company uses the equipment which meets the highest standards of quality. For example bending machine Amada HFT 100-3 is equipped with a system of mechanical fastening tools, so that metal bending is faster and safer.

Thus, the services provided by our company for bending metal differ due to applying modern automated equipment to perform the most complex order with maximum accuracy.

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