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Production of metal structures

Metal, due to its physical characteristics, allows to make building metal constructions of various forms and sizes. Metal goods are very durable and featured by low service costs. These types of goods are most actual in construction, engineering, light engineering and as interior item. What is more, they are popular in electrical engineering, for example, metal cases of electrical boxes, protecting electrical equipment inside.

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There are no difficult tasks for us, because of highly qualified specialists we have in our team – they will take care about everything!

Metal structures production for any purpose whatsoever is one of our company’ profiles. Production of metal structures for business, such as in-store equipment, racks, benches, pillars and so on – are our routine tasks. All goods, being produced by PROMEX match all standards of quality and safety.

Our master list:

  • storage and archival racks
  • metal cases of electrical boxes and electric appliance
  • metal cases of payment terminals
  • lamp metal cases for offices
  • ventilated facades
  • in-store equipment
  • metal cabinets
  • fire-proof doors
  • crankcase guards

Manufacturing of steel structures according to customer drawings.

Steel construction are made in accordance with customer’s drawings.

Almost any type of business requires own, unique configuration of metal constructions, so demand for such service is growing from day to day.

Customer’s technological document affords to make any type of metal construction in accordance with drawings, which you can attach to your inquiry.

Only high-quality machine tools are used is manufacturing. What is more, our equipment provides anticorrosive protection of metal constructions, with long-living properties guaranteed. Details are being controlled at every stage of manufacturing and this ensures high quality of products.

Our work is based on close cooperation with customer. Changes to the project can be introduced at any stage of your order – under cost sheet.

Custom-oriented service, possibility to take into account any requirement of the customer is a key for great performance. Highly qualified specialists in metal processing will make it possible to manufacture any product. There are no unsolvable problems for PROMEX!

Our staff is ready to answer any question on implemented services.

You can leave your inquiry, added by drawings of details you want.