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Laser Cutting

Lazernaya_rezka Laser cutting has found application in many different areas of production, due to its high efficiency and no need for further processing. Laser products stand out excellent quality of contour cut. One of the most modern and advanced technologies in metalwork is laser cutting of sheet metal.

This technology is based on the action of high-power laser beam, which is focused on the surface of metal. Strongly accumulated energy can cut a variety of metal types, regardless their thermal properties.

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Only thermal effect on the material is used, providing an opportunity to apply the most successful way for sheet metal processing and manufacturing of metal structures, while the absence of any mechanical action greatly reduces the risk of damaging the material.

With the help of laser cutting it is possible to produce any, even the smallest detail in the fastest way, due to its ability to create minimal incisions and narrow holes. This process is characterized by a large processing speed and the highest accuracy. Very simple operation with a laser beam makes it easy to implement complex processes.

The price of laser cutting is calculated basing the time period needed for every particular order to be carried out. It is a simple way to handle with the details of any complexity - quickly and efficiently. This type of treatment is the best for customers who need high-quality inexpensive metal cutting. The low cost is provided by the specialized Trumpf machine tools with numerical control, to ensure the highest accuracy, the quality of the final product and the low price of service.

Cutting steel and galvanized steel in oxygen provides high quality of the end cutting plane.

The emergence of slag and clogging of the cut makes stainless steel laser cutting complicated, due to the elements that affect the melting point of metal. Cutting is carried out in nitrogen environment to prevent metal from burning at the time of cutting.

Laser cutting of aluminum is based on the highest power of laser beam, which is associated with high thermal conductivity of the material. Cutting surface is porous, with a slight grata at the lower edge of the cut. The use of modern fiber lasers allows the cutting of aluminum with non-sag and scale.

Pulse mode is used for a thin brass, meanwhile a thick brass processed in the micro plasma regime. End cutting plane is characterized by a rough porous structure. Burr in the bottom of the cutting plane can be easily removed.

Cutting of titanium is carried out using a gas which does not support combustion, or an inert gas.

 Laser cutting of copper has its own characteristics, associated with low absorption of the laser beam and high thermal conductivity. To ensure the stability of the process, a low speed cutting is used.

  • Excellent quality;
  • High processing speed;
  • Highest precision cutting dimensional (0.05 mm);
  • Minimum cutting edge roughness (rz20);
  • Straight edge cutting;
  • High quality of angles;
  • Minimum-sized holes;
  • No scales on the sheet material;
  • A slight zone of thermal action;
  • The possibility of processing a workpiece without any direct contact with it;
  • High performance equipment;
  • No mechanical stress;
  • Savings in cutting material.

Metal processing through the use of laser produces finished products in the shortest time with the least expenditure of resources and opens up limitless possibilities in the manufacturing not only complex shapes of details, but also of the original design.

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